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The Cold Loop Myoma G1

By on Apr 12, 2018 in MiniResectoscope, Myoma resection, Resectoscope | 0 comments

Following the elimination of the intracavitary component using the traditional resectoscopic „slicing“ technique with a monopolar or bipolar current, the intramural component gets removed by using cold loops by exercising force in the cleavage space between the myoma and the surrounding myometrium to separate the myoma from the uterine wall. Thus, the intramural...

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Septum with a surprise

By on Mar 8, 2018 in Resectoscope | 3 comments

  TA: Un setto uterino completo, fino all’O.U.I., che al momento della resezione rivela nel suo interno un mioma di 1 cm. Resezione del setto e del mioma con pieno rispetto della componente muscolare ENG: A complete uterine septum, up to the I.U.O., which, at the time of the resection, reveals a 1 cm myoma inside. Resection of the septum and myoma with full...

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Kissing Myomas with KS MiniResectoscope in an Office setting

By on Mar 2, 2018 in MiniResectoscope, Myoma resection, Resectoscope | 1 comment

ENG: An interesting case of two myomas occluding the cervix and the cavity, usually treated with “Classic” 26 Fr. Resectoscope in the OR under anesthesia, here removed in an Office setting WITHOUT any sedation/analgesia/anesthesia, using Karl Storz 15Fr. Bipolar MiniResectoscope ITA: Un caso interessante di due miomi che occludono la cervice e la cavità,...

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Submucous myoma pretreated with 2 Esmya Cycles – Shaver work

By on Feb 24, 2018 in Bigatti Shaver | 0 comments

Presently, the double-flow bipolar resectoscope is still considered the gold standard technique to perform major hysteroscopic operations. Since 2009 We have proposed an alternative approach to operative hysteroscopy called Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver (IBS®) that, by removing the tissue chips at the same time as their resection, improves visualization during the...

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Bigatti Shaver

By on Nov 17, 2017 in Bigatti Shaver | 6 comments

Dr Giuseppe Bigatti On September 4th we performed the first case with the 19Fr Shaver. The quality is excellent, no need of cervical dilatation, almost 2,5 mm less than the 24Fr Shaver. The second video shows the case also performed with the 19Fr Shaver. Although the Mini Shaver is still a prototype the quality is great. Also in this case there was no need of...

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