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TA: Un setto uterino completo, fino all’O.U.I., che al momento della resezione rivela nel suo interno un mioma di 1 cm. Resezione del setto e del mioma con pieno rispetto della componente muscolare ENG: A complete uterine septum, up to the I.U.O., which, at the time of the resection, reveals a 1 cm myoma inside. Resection of the septum and myoma with full respect of the muscular component


  1. Hello ,
    I hade a chance to see the nice presentation of professor BETTOCHI obout this question in ESGE 2017 and i saw the new aproche and the primary results for his study with the mini bipolar resectoscope
    It seems logically and my question is if we do this kind of intervetions we leave the bad tissus but we do a big damages and we will increase the adhesion risk ?
    So we need a cavity without septum and without synechiae
    Are there a comparetive stady between the old and the techinc in terms of synechia?

  2. My second quedtion is: could we start to do the same technic ir not yet ?

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