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The International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy was formed in 1989 by a group committed endoscopists from Europe and North America, who were soon joined by others from all over the world. They recognized the need for a scientific group who would meet at regular intervals to share their knowledge and expertise in gynecologic endoscopy.


We, the International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy are here to help you receive the best and most relevant information on laparoscopic surgery available on the NET!

Please ask your questions and everybody form the Board if the ISGE is here to answer and help you!

ISGE ExCo Members:
Robert O’Shea, Australia, President
Resad Pasic, USA, Vize president
Bruno van Herendael, Belgium, Medical Director
Charles Miller, USA Honorary Treasurer
Stefano Bettocchi, Italy, Honorary Secretary
Alfonso Rosetti, Italy, Chairman Training Committee
Ellis Downes, UK, Newsletter Editor
Daniel Kruschinski, Germany, Director Social Media
Hisham Arab, Saudi Arabia, Director Membership Committee
Alessandro Loddo, Italy, Representative Board Members

ISGE Board Members:
DeBruin Abri, South Africa
Mhlanga Felix, Zimbabwe
Patel Jamal, Kenya
Viju Thomas, South Africa
Gonzales Leiva Felipe, Mexico
Bigozzi Miquel Angel, Mexico
Brill Andrew, USA
Sheperd Jessica, USA
Biscette Shan, USA
Rahman Ichnandy Arief, Indonesia
Kurien Joseph, India
Agarwal Meenu, India
Hartono Eddy, Indonesia
Goksan Pabuccu Emre, Turkey
Sherwin Adel, Iran
O’Donovan Peter, UK
Guenter Noé, Germany
Rosetti Alfonso, Italy
Kruschinski Daniel, Germany
Assia Anastasia, Italy
Sandy Sameer, Saudi Arabia
Alhalayqua Omar, Palestinian Territories
Tsaltas Jim, Australia
Ades Alex, Australia

Experts acc. to topics they are involved at the ISGE
(to answer queries and discussions)

Abdominal Entry: Lotte Clevin, Peter Maher, Harry Reich, Thomas Viju, Ellis Downes, Nandy Rachman, Janesh Gupta, Allesandro Loddo, Bruno van Herendael, Matthew Siedhoff
Adhesion Prevention: Daniel Kruschinski and Bruno van Herendael
Endometriosis: Alfonso Rossetti, Adel Shervin, Sunita Tandulwadkar, Hesham Arab, Bash Goolab, Alan Lam, Paul PG, Jim Saltas, Matthew Siedhoff
Hysterectomy: Adel Shervin, Prashant Mangeshikar, Resad Pasic, Paul PG, Alex Ades, Matthew Siedhoff, Tandulwadkar Sunita, Kurien Joseph, Yamal Patel
Myomectomy Benign: Alfonso Rossetti, Adel Shervin , Prashant Mangeshikar, Allesandro Loddo, Alex Ades, Matthew Siedhoff, Tandulwadkar Sunita, Yamal Patel
Energies in Endoscopy: Harry Reich, Nandy Rachman, Alfoso Rossetti, Bash Goolab, Emra Goksana Pabucco, Bruno van Herendael
Taskforce on Morcellation: Nandy Rachman, Alex Ades, Omar Alhalaque, Allesandro Loddo, Bruno van Herendael, Matthew Siedhoff, Noé Guenter,
Vaginal Surgery: Andreas Chrysostomou, Bash Goolab, Ellis Downes, Bruno van Herendael
Uro-Gynecology: Noé Guenter
Hysteroscopy: Stefano Bettocchi, Bruno van Herendael, Alessandro Loddo

Oficial websites:

ISGE is a truly international society but remains to be a family for the minimal invasive surgeon in gynecology. Join us and you will be surprised!

Bruno van Herendael, Medical Director
Daniel Kruschinski, Director Social Media